Large Antique Chinese Silver Bangle
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Superb Large Antique Chinese Silver Bangle

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This is a beautiful antique Chinese silver bangle with ornate filigree decoration.  It has a chunky 15mm thickness (tapering to 8mm at the bottom), and is a weighty 28.3 grams.
The bangle is made of thick solid silver and has a hollow interior.

The bangle is not stamped but tests positive as silver.  It is at least 925 sterling.  It is a rare Chinese bangle with an age of 125 to 150 years.  It is not uncommom for bangles of this type and from this region to be unstamped.

The bangle measures 25.5cms in length and 6.3cms in width.  Its condition is pretty good for its age, but it has suffered a few dinks.  One is quite large but doesn't look too unsightly, because of the thickness of the bangle.  As with all of our jewellery you may return the bangle for a full refund if not completely satisfied.

** The bangle is exempt from a hallmark as it was made prior to 1950 and its purity has been established.  This is in accordance with the UK hallmark Act 1973.

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